Crane Sheave Wheels

These damaged sheave wheels on a UNIC rope crane were not available for a few weeks so we opted to manufacture them ourselves. Turnid out of solid round these two sheaves were exact coppies of there destroyed predecessors. The centers were machined to bearing size, and the outside diameter to a 12mm wire rope profile.

Fit the bearings , and away we go!

Crane Truck - Fassi

This Fassi F80 hydraulic crane was delivered to our workshop. Our instructions were to fit it to a Mercedes 1517 truck on which it arrived. As can be seen in the photo's, the load tray had to be shortened, the sub-frame had to be redesigned and fabricated. The crane had to be mounted to truck and sub-frame, and all the hydraulics had to be plumed-up. This Mercedes is also a tilt-tray as can be seen in the last photo , this required a new pump and valve bank to be fitted. C.P.M. sourced all the parts and carried out all the work.

The Mercedes 1517 arrives with new Fassi F80 crane!

Fassi F80 chained to tray.

Mounted and job complete , the Fassi is folded up and ready for delivery.

A final inspection and test by Fassi Cranes rounds off the job.

Fully extended and ready for work!

Gatic Manhole Covers

Fabrication of heavy duty Gatic air tight manhole covers used in the civil construction industry. These covers have tapered sides that slide perfectly into the cover frame and wedge tight to make a air tight seal ,preventing any toxic or other fumes reaching the public. The frame and covers are fabricated to ISO9002 spec and are certified for use throughout Australia. After installation the civil contractor fills the square pattern with concrete making the cover extremely strong. This is the popular choice of manhole cover on most Australian roads.

Resizing augers

Resizing some 20 augers which are 3m long .The outside diameter had to be reduced to 910mm in size. A special jig was built to cut the outside diameter down with a plasma cutter. Many of the drive flanges also had to be replaced and drilled so they could match each other.

Heavy and bulky these augers were put in a special jig to make sure the outer diameter was spot on 910mm.

Adrian inspecting flanges that need attention.

Auger boring machine that drives the above augers.

Auger drive adapter

Fabricated 910mm auger drive adapter with 76mm hex drive in the centre.

600mm Auger cutter

Fabricated 600mm Auger head with carbide and pinnacle cutters. The outer pinnacle teeth were made to collapse so that the head could be withdrawn with the steel sleeve still in place. A special drive adapter for the head was also fabricated to accept the square drive of the auger boring machine.

Auger head with collapsible wings and adapter.

Winged cutter on the outer edge of auger head.

Square drive adapter for auger borer.

Mitshubishi Special Tools

Special tools fabricated for Hallam Truck Centre. Used for the fit engine rear crankshaft oil seals. Tolls needed to press seal precisely the right depth so that seal can function as designed.